Seafood SafeWHO WE ARE

Seafood Safe is a testing program for mercury and PCBs in seafood. The Seafood Safe program informs consumers of how many meals they can consume per month without exposing themselves to dangerous levels of these contaminants. Seafood Safe utilizes the EPA's Guidance for Assessing Chemical Contaminant Data for Use in Fish Advisories, which contains the EPAís Risk-Based Consumption Tables. These are the most comprehensive government guidelines in the U.S. To protect those adults that are at highest risk, women of childbearing age, the Seafood Safe label reflects safe consumption levels for this sub-population.

An independent world-class Advisory Panel, made up of some of the nationís leading academics on this subject, advises Seafood Safe on program methodology and reviews standards. Two highly respected Independent Labs, which are leaders in their respective areas of expertise (mercury and PCB testing in biological tissue), independently develop customized testing protocol to meet a products specific attributes and life history. The labs test a pre-designated number of samples, obtained randomly from inventories of seafood by independent Quality Assurance professionals. A leading national non-profit consumer and environmental Advocacy Organization, serves as the third-party consumer information source regarding advice on consumption; and supplies detailed information regarding contaminants in seafood, so consumers can better educate themselves on this complex subject.

This comprehensive, third-party, and independently verified program gives consumers the peace-of-mind that seafood carrying the Seafood Safe label has been tested for mercury and PCBís, and provides strict guidelines for consumption.

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