Axys Analytical Services LTD
Brooks Rand LLC

Ayxs Analytical Services LTD
Sidney, British Columbia

AXYS Analytical Services Ltd. serves as Seafood Safe’s lab partner testing for PCB’s. AXYS has independently developed a testing program exclusively for Seafood Safe, with the mandate that it must be highly credible and defensible, and at the same time economically feasible. Association with Seafood Safe draws on AXYS’s core strengths of organochlorine analysis of biological tissues, unerring commitment to analytical quality and highly defensible data and client-focused product development.

AXYS Analytical is a privately owned, client-solution oriented lab, providing analytical services focused on persistent organic environmental contaminants in multiple sample types, including marine animal and mammalian tissues. Driven by strong scientific principles applied to complex matrices and analyses, AXYS is a leader in the areas of dioxin/furan and organochlorine (including PCB) analyses, particularly applied to tissue matrices. AXYS has also developed in-house combined methods to analyze dioxins/furans, organochlorine pesticides, PCBs and toxaphene from a multi-fraction analysis of a single sub sample. This is of primary importance when analyzing small samples such as blood or liver. AXYS was the first commercial laboratory to implement draft EPA Method 1668 for toxic dioxin-like PCB congeners and under contract to Dyncorp and EPA Office of Water have extended this method to include quantification of all 209 PCB congeners. AXYS routinely applies this method to biological and environmental samples.

AXYS provides analytical services to an industrial, research and government customers. We specialize in trace organic analyses in various media, including biological tissues (blood, milk, adipose), water, soil, sediment, vegetation, XAD resin columns, air, stack gas sampling trains, oil, sludge and industrial/municipal discharges. Founded in 1974, the company has earned an enviable reputation for providing defensible analytical data of the highest quality based on two integral components: the development and use of methods that allow quantification to industry-leading low-level detection limits; the establishment and maintenance of a rigorous in-house QA/QC system.

Analytical capability is honed and maintained current by many scientific researchers in government agencies and industry using AXYS as their method development laboratory. More often than not AXYS is chosen because of our experience with complicated and unusual matrices and our commitment to intricate and extensive analytical projects. Many research projects involve taking existing methodology and improving the lab workup and instrumentation to report lower detection limits with smaller sample sizes.

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Brooks Rand LLC
Seattle, Washington

Brooks Rand LLC serves as Seafood Safe’s lab partner testing for mercury. Brooks Rand has independently developed a testing program exclusively for Seafood Safe, with the mandate that it must be highly credible and defensible, and at the same time economically feasible.

Brooks Rand was founded in 1982 with a mission of developing cutting-edge environmental technologies. Today Brooks Rand continues on this mission, while also providing a variety of commercially available technologies that have been developed and brought to market over the last twenty-plus years. These technologies include a variety of analytical equipment and analytical services with a focus on ultra-trace level metals analysis and metals speciation. Other services available include contract research, methods development, consulting, training and instrument design.

Brooks Rand is internationally recognized as a leading company in the field of trace metal and metal speciation services and products. Brooks Rand has played a significant role in developing, refining and commercializing many analytical methods for trace metals and metal species down to sub part-per-trillion levels in a wide variety of matrices including environmental, medical, geological, petroleum and chemical samples. From collaborative methods development with university researchers to CLP-type deliverables for EPA Superfund sites, Brooks Rand has done it all. Current services provided by Brooks Rand include:

  • Mercury by CVAFS (EPA Method 1631)
  • Methyl mercury by CVAFS (EPA Method 1630)
  • Mercury speciation by EPA Method 3200 and by 5-step selective sequential extraction
  • Arsenic speciation by HG-QFAA (EPA Method 1632)
  • Selenium speciation by HG-QFAA
  • Trace metals analysis by ICP-MS with Dynamic Reaction Cell (DRC) technology
  • Reductive precipitation for seawater samples
  • Brooks Rand instrumentation is referenced in EPA Methods 1630, 1631 and 245.7. Our detectors and analytical systems are used in leading research institutions, government and commercial labs worldwide. Current products include:

  • Total mercury CVAFS analytical systems
  • Methyl mercury CVAFS analytical systems
  • Methyl mercury distillation systems
  • Mercury air monitoring systems
  • Today, Brooks Rand continues to develop new and innovative technologies for measuring trace metals in the environment with a constant focus on improving one or more of the following:

  • Lower detection limits
  • More precise and accurate measurements
  • Measurement of metallic compounds and valence states of metals, or “speciation”
  • Measuring metals and metal species in complex matrices
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