Seafood Safe


Seafood Safehistory

Seafood Safe was conceived by Henry Lovejoy, the founder of EcoFish. Henry first started developing Seafood Safe in 2002, when he noticed that an increasing volume of media attention and reports were being published indicating that some of the world’s seafood was contaminated with industrial and environmental pollutants (primarily mercury and PCBs), that are harmful to humans - especially women of childbearing age and children. Due to vastly increased media attention on this subject, consumers have become acutely aware of these threats, are confused and have yet to be presented with a solution.

Considered an innovator in the seafood industry, since launching EcoFish in 1999 to address consumer’s environmental concerns regarding seafood, Henry’s vision was to develop an independent, comprehensive and credible testing program for mercury and PCB’s in seafood, backed up by a label that consumers could easily read. “Consumers have increasingly looked to EcoFish to help sort this confusing issue out for them. The bottom line is our customers care deeply about the environment, but they also care about their health. Who can blame them?!”

Seafood Safe was launched in February of 2005, with EcoFish as it’s first adopter. Later in 2005, Seafood Safe will be made available to any seafood company, retailer or restaurant interested in participating in the program. Interested businesses will undergo a confidential pre-assessment, which will include the development of a customized testing regime based upon the intricacies of their particular products. Once the pre-assessment is complete and if the business chooses to continue, they will contract with Seafood Safe to display the appropriate labels on their products, and will continue an ongoing predetermined regular testing regime.

Businesses interested in participating in testing and labeling should send inquiries to