Seafood SafeThe medical community overwhelmingly recommends the consumption of seafood, especially those fish with a high concentration of heart-healthy Omega-3's, as an important part of a healthy diet. However, some seafood has been found to contain industrial and environmental contaminants, like mercury and PCBs. How is a consumer to know if their seafood is safe?

Seafood Safe is the solution consumers need. Seafood Safe is a testing program for mercury and PCBs in seafood, two of the most prevalent contaminants found in seafood today. The program helps inform consumers of how many meals they can consume per month, without exposing themselves to dangerous levels of these contaminants. The recommendation is derived from EPA's Guidance for Assessing Chemical Contaminant Data for Use in Fish Advisories. To protect those adults that are at highest risk, women of childbearing age, the Seafood Safe label reflects safe consumption levels for this sub-population.

EcoFish and Henry & Lisa's Natural Seafood are the first adopters of the Seafood Safe program, visit EcoFish/Henry & Lisa's to learn where you can purchase their products.